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Menstrual lingerie that respects our health and the environment

A responsible way to live your menstrual cycle


Gaya is a healthy, sustainable, aesthetic, comfortable and soft alternative to natural materials.

Our menstrual lingerie replaces disposable sanitary pads. A woman consumes about 10'000 disposable protections during her lifetime. The menstrual protection industry generates billions of plastic waste, loaded with chemicals, which causes ecological disasters.



Economical & qualitative

Quality products quickly profitables. The more you take care of them, the longer you will extend their life.

Swiss design

A Swiss company set up by two women from the Valais. Gaya collaborates with local partners for everything that can be done in Switzerland.

Eco-responsible materials

Gaya is a healthy, sustainable, comfortable, soft lingerie made of natural and eco-friendly materials.

French clothing

"Made in France" manufacturing and traceability 100% guaranteed. A short circuit system allows us to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible.

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