They are at the origin of the project...


"First as colleagues, we quickly became friends! »

The two young women quickly became friends thanks to their common philosophy. Since their childhood, they have been sensitive to the environmental cause and animal abuse. Over the years, their respect for animals and the desire to protect nature has grown steadily.

They made the choice of funding their company under the name of the female divinity creator of the world "Gaya" in order to actively participate in sustainable development. Swiss menstrual panties, designed in accordance with their ethical and eco-responsible values. Using menstrual panties for years, they are convinced of their effectiveness. Unfortunately, they never found a brand that match their expectations. They also want to raise awareness about damages caused by sanitary pads and tampons consumption.

That is why they have decided to mobilize their energy to take on a new challenge.

Gaya will help you live your period serenely!

To make their project a reality, they launched a crowdfunding.

The goal of the crowdfunding is to bring together a community that contributes a portion of the amount needed to launch a project. Contributors are free to donate the amount of their choice and can in exchange, if they wish, benefit from original counter services.

On 22 December 2020, the funding campaign started on the platform "wemakeit". By offering pre-orders, they hoped to raise the funds needed to finance a first production of their lingerie.

After 2 days of activity, the crowdfunding reached more than 60% funds. And after just one week, the first level of 49'000 CHF was reached. Finally, this crowdfunding turned out to be a real success with more than 100'000 CHF raised and 1470 preordered lingerie. Thanks to this, Élodie & Chloé have been able to start their business.

Check out the crowdfunding's video below.